Our Know-how

We specialize in stressing organizations to solve difficult situations in complex environments. Know-how combines knowledge of diverse origins aligned with significant gain for the customer. The results are obtained thanks to a unique positioning (positioning on a mission) which is based on strong convictions (the socio-technical model of the IS) and thanks to an agile organization.
An inquiry approach in the search for irritants or obstacles to the maturing of organizations constantly underpins the improvement approach.

Our missions cover all phases of the project or IS cycle (Think, Build and Run),

across organizations to produce coherence while involving all stakeholders.

Ils adressent des domaines variés tels que :

Our Beliefs

Our background is that of technical performance monitoring of IS. – “What cannot be measured cannot be improved”. Our know-how is based on the implementation of strong convictions. We believe that only the simultaneous exploration of organizational, functional and technical fields can produce an improvement in the health of Information Systems over time.

In QosGuard, we are “methodologists” exploring these three fields in a recurring and synergistic manner. We deliver an analysis of progress at each significant step, associated with recommendations for improvement. Our continuous improvement approach is breaking throughtraditionalmethodswhich are using capacity-based approaches and optimization of silos. Its favors an overview of the topic, the identification of targets to be reached and the best means of reaching them.

“The Mission” -and its success- prevails over the nature of allocated resources and the methods used.

Our Expertises

Expertise in measurement

Experts in the field of metrology, we provide recognised competence at all levels:

  • Proven methodology
  • Technical and functional expertise of measurement
  • Mastery of technical environments and information systems architecture

Key benefits

  • Analysis and support until remediation
  • Improved control of IS and their components
  • End-to-end visibility of IS operation
  • Continuous improvement of the IS

Expertise in continuous improvement

With over 10 years of experience in this field, our expertise associated with our method supports clients:

  • Improvement of the overall efficiency of the organization, of the IS
  • Sustainability and efficiency of the actions implemented
  • Process qualification
  • Long-term support and experience transfer
  • Commitment to expected results

Key benefits

  • Increasing productivity
  • Quality improvement
  • IS maturity and mastery
  • Organizational maturity

Expertise in securing transformation projects

Based on experience

  • Ensure the handover of projects from Build to Run in order to secure the transition
  • Be upstream of projects and organization in order to streamline operations
  • Bring cross visibility to improve proactivity and communication
  • Ensure the effectiveness of transition activities

Key benefits

  • Increasing productivity
  • Quality improvement
  • IS maturity and mastery
  • Improving governance
  • Organizational maturity