We believe that the Performance of Information Systems is a paramount issue for organizations.

“Doing differently”to improve these socio-technical systems through innovative responses, such are the state of mind and mission.

Some expressions of QosGuard culture

Global thinking
Scientific thinking

Performance as a service


Quick Wins

Collaborative approach

A strong focus on two segments:

  • Securing the trajectories and performance of Information Systems
  • Growing the maturity of IT organizations

QosGuard is present at the synergy of consulting, metrology and integration. We implement services using a Customer Obsess model (Forrester research) which places clients’ concerns in the centre of activities and deliverables.

We are the intersection of integration and consulting, our mission is to support you in achieving your goals.

Our History

FrenchTech company supported by the Banque Public d’Investissement (BPI), QosGuard has been dedicated to Information Systems Performance since its foundation in 2006. Our background is that of performance monitoring and of the value extracted out of it. We innovate on the means of solving IT problems while adapting to the client’s specifics. We hold our legitimacy by the ability to support clients on several synergistic aspects -Technology, Process and Resources- applied to the understanding of business issues. Today QosGuard has the capacity to help our customers in several areas in synergy with each other: technology, process and resources, all applied to understanding business issues

Our Values

Solve a problem rather than build a solution. Think big and move small. To face reality very early. Be transparent about the objectives to be achieved. Focusing on the goal is one of the main markers of our DNA

This state of mind leads to an organization focused on results, generating interdisciplinary creativity associated with high-performance ecosystems.

Our DNA, combined with our production know-how, enables us to understand complex environments, to support and stimulate change management, particularly in production teams. It is this atypical set authorized by teams with the temperament of Do-ers that appeals to the beneficiaries.

A company on a human scale, QosGuard is people centred.
We pay attention and listen to you and commit to support you pragmatically and over the long term.

Our Experts

The group of experts and consultants in the QosGuard ecosystem consists of men and women with significant experience and expertise in their area of intervention. Autonomous, rigorous and adaptable, the teams have a strong collaborative spirit and a keen sense of customer satisfaction.