Our missions

Our activities range from project owner assistance to project management, through the implementation of Information Systems, of their associated processes and of governance indicators -maintained and commented.

  • Securing the transition phases of an IS
  • Development of client team maturity
  • Aligning IT with professions
  • End-to-end visibility (supervision and metrology)
  • Improving the health of information systems
  • Producing value from measurements


Supporting change management and managing digital transformation projects

Supporting development of IT organizations

Project / program Governance / security support

Supporting transition

Technical assistance & production monitoring


Securing the transition from Build to Run

Continuous improvement of the performance of IT organizations

IT process and service catalog / SLA


Project Audit / Organization Audit

Malfunction audit

Audit and improvement of application processes

IT process audit and improvement

Architecture and performance audit


Performance tests

Information Systems Supervision and Metrology

Continuous improvement of the performance of Information Systems

Our Clients

A project ?

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