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A unique approach

recognized for continuously improving performances

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Our Culture

FrenchTech company supported by the Banque Public d’Investissement (BPI), QosGuard has been dedicated to Information Systems Performance since its foundation in 2006. We believe that the Performance of Information Systems is a paramount issue for organizations. “Doing differently” to improve these socio-technical systems through innovative responses, such are our state of mind and mission.

Our Know how

We specialize in stressing organizations to solve difficult situations in complex environments. We use an “inquiry approach” to search for solutions to problems or pushbacks to the maturing of organizations, thus leading to improvement projects which we conduct using a PERFOPS® method. Know-how combines knowledge of diverse origins aligned with significant gain for the customer. The results are obtained thanks to a unique positioning (positioning on a mission) which is based on strong convictions (the socio-technical model of the IS) and thanks to an agile organization.
An inquiry approach in the search for irritants or obstacles to the maturing of organizations constantly underpins the improvement approach.

Our missions

Our activities range from project owner assistance to project management, through the implementation of Information Systems, of their associated processes and of governance indicators -maintained and commented.


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